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Last updated: 3/31/16

(The game has been updated with V-1.2.6)

Featuring some minor fixes/changes. This update is a preparation for the next BIG update which is coming very soon.

What is Malfunction?

Malfunction is a story driven game that has 5 chapters (5 levels per chapter). Malfunction uses multiple genre's (Puzzle, action, adventure, shooter) in the best way possible. Some parts of the game you will be doing puzzles, when other parts you will be fighting off enemies. You will never know what to fully expect when playing the game.

Introduction to Malfunction:

Malfunction takes place in a planet named "Khaugin". Khaugin is pretty much just like any other planet in space, except for one thing; Some technologically advanced species had visited the planet before and implanted a dangerous weapon on Khaugin that they created called the "Plague". The Plague is a fierce virus that continues to develop and consume anything in its path until it is stopped. Therefore, some of Khaugin's world is being invaded by this dangerous virus. These viruses not only can consume anything, but can also produce minions that can travel faster to help spread the virus furthermore.

You play as a repair bot named "Dwenguil" who was sent to the planet to destroy this dangerous plague. Although while in the process of doing so, not only do you discover many new things about the creators of the Plauge, but you also find out who created you, and what Khaugin was before this species infected the planet. There are many MANY discoveries that awaits later in the game.

Malfunction will take you on a long, thrilling adventure that is totally worth the time. From meeting new characters, to conquering the plague, Malfunction has it all.

The rest of the story is for you to find out. Are you going to stop this plague?

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